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Excel inflatable boats have an outstanding reputation for quality and performance. The high standard of construction is apparent with any Excel, from the strength of the seams to the feel of the fabric. The effective and proven design of each individual craft can only be fully appreciated on the water, however we have tried to compress years of R&D into a few examples listed below to demonstrate how Excel have excelled in a highly competitive market:
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4 x Reinforced Fitings
4 x Reinforced Fitings
Davit lifting forward
Davit lifting forward
Air deck Keel Board
Air deck / Keel board
Inflated Keel inside

Air deck Keel Board
Showing the
deep V Keel
closeup of reinforced seams RS
Closeup reinforced
Cut away of patented air deck RS
Cut away of
patented air deck
Rear davit lifting point & stern carry handle RS
Rear davit lifting point
& stern carry handle

Rowlock RS
Self bailer valve internal RS
Self bailer
valve internal
Transom plate & self bailer valve RS
Transom plate
& self bailer valve
Transom plate & self bailer valve RS
Bag pump
and repair kit

TickPressure Relief Valve
Tick"Hytex" Fabric– 1100 Decitex
TickLow Profile Flush Fitting Valves
Tick “Hytex” fabric– 1100 Decitex
Tick Low profile flush fitting valves
Tick Pressure Equalising Diaphragms
Tick Towing "D" Rings, 4 x Reinforced
Tick All stainless steel fittings, no plastic
Tick GRP/ Fibreglass Embossed Transoms
Tick Low Profile Double Reinforced Seams
Tick Captive Row-Locks with Integral Cleats
Tick Fittings Installed with Re-inforced Fabric
Tick 4x Davit Lifting Points on Tender Models
TickSelf Bailing Valve, Internal Shutter Action
TickFloor and Keel are Replaceable Components
TickNo Exposed High Profile Longitudinal Seams
Tick1 or 2 Aluminium Thwarts, 290 and up, Standard
TickAny Water Onboard Drains into Bilge Under Deck
TickTransom Splash Guards on Models from 3.3 metres up
Tick5 years Comprehensive Warranty on Fabric and Construction
TickHigh Pressure Keel Forming RIB-Style "Gull-Wing" Deep Hull Profile
TickUnique Carrying Handles with Integral Cleats, on Inner Ends of Tubes
TickVanguard Decks Colour Coded in Anodised Silver, Grey or Black Aluminium
TickVarious Fabric Colours Available from Stock. New Unique Carbon Fibre Effect
TickIntegral Zig-Zag Drop-Stitch High Pressure Air Deck Affording both Lateral and Longitudinal Rigidity
TickTraditional Hand Laid Seam Construction Rather than the Welded Method Affords Greater Consistency and Reliability

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