Excel 430 X/HD at sea

This summer we could test our Excel boat at sea, in Croatia where we had chosen to spend our holidays. The site of Punat, in the south of the Island of Krk, has a mooring equipped and made safe, managed by the authorities of the port, with some steps only of our camp-site. We thus easily could organize our exits at sea and appreciate the behaviour of Excel 430 X HD at the time of our coastal cruising.

The boat, with 4 adults on board, rolls up well the waves, of course larger at sea than on a lake, the general behaviour of boat is correct in all circumstances, some is the speed of progression. Of course, it is necessary to comply with the elementary rules of navigation at sea and to remain vigilant.

The engine of 30 CV ensures a good compromise safety/economy, it is sufficiently powerful to be released from a situation being able to become bad, and consumes only surroundings 4 litters per hour at mean velocity with 4 adults on board. The exits at sea are very pleasant and on mooring, it is very easy to go up on board with the special ladder of bath for inflatable boat, moreover thanks to its weak draught he is possible to approach close to the coast, even if this one is rock.

Philippe Chevillot - CHARENTON LE PONT . FRANCE.

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