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- NORD 80° - Spitsburg 2008 - The Chamade Adventure -

Swiss broadcaster and adventurer, Mark Decrey, is no stranger to hardship. After ten years of climbing in the Alps he turned his attention to sailing making a circumvention of the globe in a 28ft yacht, Ovni 28, in 1987. Two years later he took part in the Whitbread Round the World Race making daily Radio reports from the Roaring Forties. For the next few years he reported from Afghanistan, Europe and Central Asia before making the first solo crossing from the northern part of Spitsberg in 2004.

Mark’s latest adventure, in a new 39ft aluminum yacht, Chamade, built by Alubat [France], is to sail back into the frozen north to publicise the work of Swisstransplant and the shortage of donor organs. He is currently sailing north via Ireland and up the Scottish coast to Loch Ness en route to Spitsberg in Norway. In Largs the yacht was joined by two young transplant patients who helped crew up the Scottish coast. Chamade will over winter in Bergen following which Marc will spend April to September of 2008 near the ice fields around Cape Nord where other people with heart transplants will be able to join him in Arctic sailing and winter sports ashore. He will be accompanied by Sylvie Cohen, a fellow journalist, who trained for this adventure by cruising around Cape Horn.

Chamade is carrying two Excel Inflatable tenders and a Mercury 3.5 outboard supplied by Seamark Marine, Sutton Coldfield, and we will be following his progress to see how this formidable venture progresses and how his tenders fare in the frozen north.

If you fancy practicing your French you can follow this adventure on

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The Plotted Course
Postcard from Inverness

Chamade with Excel, Largs Marina 2007

Some of the Transplantee Crew aboard the SD290 Tender, Spitsburg in the background.
Chillin’ Out In Spitsburg

A Bleak Forecast

“Tender To” Transplantee Nordic Skier Chamade amongst the Ice Floes

Chamade’s blog.

We celebrate the long evenings of the winter and the snowy days. It helps making up for lost time

The videos of Chamade in Spitsberg are now available on Chamade’s blog:

If you double-click on the picture, you get direct access to YouTube, allowing to watch high quality videos.

Cheers - Marc and Sylvie.

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