HYTEX PVC Fabric Technical Specifications.

hytex pvc fabric layers EXCEL inflatable craft are manufactured with 1100 Dtex (0.9mm) New Generation HYTEX fabric with Polyester Weave Core, having excellent resistance to tearing, tension and abrasion. HYTEX 2000 Dtex (1.2mm) is optional offering 50% improved performance for some Commercial applications..

Our inflatable boats and RiBs are all manufactured with hand-laid seams being rather labour intensive. Each seam is strengthened with four layers of bonded fabric for maximum strength and durability. EXCEL seams are virtually indestructible and will not delaminate even after many years of use in any weather although some care must be exercised in long term exposure to Ultra Violet Light. All seams are quadruple overlap for better protection as shown here:

Hytex PVC Fabric hytexAdhesive structure
hytexPolyurethane glue
hytexCold welding
hytexHand Laid
hytexFour layer reinforced seams

Outside PVC layers offers:

Hytex PVC Fabric hytexAbrasion resistance
hytexExtreme condition resistance
hytexChemical resistance

EXCEL inflatable boats and RiBs use HYTEX 1100 Dtex
Polyester Weave Fabric with 5 layer PVC laminate.
Polyester Weave Core offers Dimensional Stability with excellent Tensile and Tear strength.

hytexAbrasion resistance: The chemical formula of the outside PVC layer makes the material abrasive resistant and airtight properties: 200*170 N/5cm(± 20)

hytexChemical resistance: Strong resistance to Hydrocarbon, Sunlight, Seawater, Oil and Fuel. Due to these properties which protect the material from fading and ageing.

Extreme condition resistance: Low & High temperature resistance: -30 + 70°C

Dimensional stability: 1% (24hrs-70°C) Tensile and tear strength: 3800*3550 (± 250)

Hytex Table


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