Iflatable boats available from Excel Marine
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Excel Inflatables Options & Accessories - Europe Cost €
Overall covers, tailored fit- 230/260 71.99€
Overall covers 290/ 330 83.99€
Overall covers- 365/ 385 95.99€
Overall cover- 430 107.99€
Leisure Seat 47.99€
Bow Storage Bag, inc retainers 41.99€
Seat Storage Bag with Cushion, 330 and smaller 29.99€
Seat Storage Bag with Cushion, 365 and larger 35.99€
Bow Canopy, inc retainers, 385 and smaller 71.99€
Bow Canopy, inc retainers, 430 and larger 83.99€
Life Jackets (Auto-inflate) 59.99€
Life Jackets (Flotation) 35.99€
Electric Inflation Pump (12v) 19.19€
Electric Inflation Pump (220V ) 19.19€
Boarding Ladder (3 step folding) 71.99€
Snap Davits (for either vertical or horizontal mount) 371.99€
Transom Wheels 125mm (compact retractable) 89.99€
Transom Wheels 250mm (pneumatic, retractable and detachable) 119.99€
Transom Wheels 350mm, (pneumatic, retractable and detachable) 179.99€
Pedestal Rotary Steering Kit (includes Telescopically Adjustable Frame, mating lacing cuff and floor, Steering Assembly, Control Box Mounting) 479.99€
Pedestal Apex Steering Kit (inc Apex Helm Frame, Steering Assembly, Control Box Mounting) 419.99€
Cross Barr Steering Kit (includes telescopically adjustable frame, mating lacing cuffs, steering bezel, steering wheel, steering cable, fitting kit, control box mount) 539.99€
Jockey Console 599.99€
Steering Helm / Cable 167.99€
Control Cables 29.99€ each
Remote Adaptor Kit for Tiller Engines 95.99€
Control Lever Assembly for Tiller Engines 215.99€
Installation of steering system, engine controls and cables including initial assembly of
the boat and re-packing for delivery

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Cover Transom Wheels - 250mm Transom Wheels - 250mm Pedestal Rotary Steering System
Cover Transom Wheels 250mm (retractable and detachable/ pneumatic) Transom Wheels 250mm (retractable and detachable/ pneumatic) Pedestal Rotary Steering System.
Transom Wheels 125mm Bow Cover Apex Steering System Snap Davits
Transom Wheels 125mm (compact retractable) Bow Cover Apex Steering System. Snap Davits.
Grey Seat Bag XHD430 Console XHD560 Console with Controls  
Grey Seat Bag. XHD430 Console. XHD560 Console with Controls. More Coming Soon.


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